Cultural Peculiarities of Ukrainian Women
Ukrainian culture

Cultural Peculiarities of Ukrainian Women

In general, all people around the globe are humans so that their basic needs are the same. However, there are cultural differences between countries and people you cannot ignore. That is why you should be aware of these peculiarities if you are going to start communicating with a Ukrainian girl or engage in a relationship with her. Moreover, you should take them in consideration since, otherwise, your relationship may fail.

Keys to impress her

Manifest your attention

It is very important to show that you really interested in a lady. Bear in mind that Ukrainian women are easy-going, sociable, and strong; that is why they are looking for an appropriate man. You should be courageous enough not to be afraid to show your true feelings. How can you show your interest? Why not buy some flowers? It is a widespread practice in Ukraine. However, pay attention to the fact that for a date or some special positive occasion, you should bring an ODD NUMBER of flowers (if it isn’t a bouquet). An even number is brought for tragic occasions, funerals, for instance.    

As for other ways of demonstrating your attention, here belong all the cases when you behave as a true gentleman. It may seem funny to you because you behave like this in your country every day, but Ukrainian women would really appreciate these gestures of kindness and respect from your side. Help your lady to carry a heavy suitcase, take her coat on/off, open the door of a car/building for her, let her be the first to come in and out of the building, give her a chair in a café or restaurant and make sure that she is served first. Undoubtedly, if you practice these things during your date, you have much more chances to win the heart of a Ukrainian beauty!

However, remember that if you want to build a long-term relationship with her, you’d better be gentle, polite, and respectful about everything you do since Ukrainian ladies would mercilessly leave the table when respect is no longer being served.

Transport for the lady of your heart

Usually, you meet with a woman in the city center. It is especially convenient during a week if she goes for a date right after her working day is over. As a rule, a man pays for his lady’s transport such as autobuses, subway, trains (or a taxi if necessary). It may also happen that a woman lives out of the town. Apart from this, usually a man accompanies a woman to the door of her house. However, it is not the case during the first dates; but instead of this, he provides her with the means of getting home so that she would come home safely and securely. Especially, if it’s already dark or the weather is bad.     

Provide for her

If a man cannot allow himself to pay for fare or some drinks/food at the first date, a woman will start questioning herself how he can give her a better life and care about her if she moves to his country. It is important for a woman to feel that she can count on him in several aspects. Life in Ukraine is more traditional than in western countries. Typically, ladies are brought up according to traditional family values, that is why they want their man to be a head of their family. Women need to see that a man can take care of his girlfriend, wife and children. Despite the fact that Ukrainian girls are independent and socially active, they depend on husbands and look after children. Having such priorities makes them value a traditional distinction between family roles.   


Many Ukrainian women are looking for a foreigner because they have experienced some troubles in previous relationships. Her man didn’t respect her, drank too much alcohol or she carried the burden of all home duties exclusively herself. It is vital for a lady to see and feel that you will treat her well, that she can count and rely on you in any situation. This is the way she will start trusting you. This way she knows that in the future, when she moves to your country, she may depend on you. At first, she depends on you because she doesn’t know the peculiarities of your culture, traditions and, perhaps, language.

Age difference    

It is a noteworthy fact that Ukrainian women’s opinion about age difference slightly differ from that one in western countries. Exactly stability is what Ukrainian women are looking for. A stable person is mature and financially stable as well, which means that this man can provide for her family. An older man has more life experience, is more mature, and his life is of a more stable pace. That is why for Ukrainian ladies, an older man is more attractive as there are more chances of a stable relationship with him.  

The best age for a marriage

Ukrainian women tend to marry earlier than their western counterparts. It may happen that some women marry later, but mainly, the majority of Ukrainian women marry aged between 21 and 25. There are several reasons for this. In the first place, marriage, family and children are of vital importance to Ukrainian women. For the majority of them, it is more important than career growth. It means that once they’ve met their second-half, they won’t postpone the decision to create a family. Secondly, it is a widespread phenomenon in their culture to create a family at this age. It is quite risky to wait because due to fierce rivalry, there may be no man for her as she gets older.

Finally, women realize that the level of birth-rate is decreasing with age. The Ukrainians accept life as it is because they are not so sure about their country, and they understand that life is short. As a rule, women are more mature and ready for marriage. It is explained by the way they have been brought up and that life in Ukraine is tougher. For Ukrainian women, engaging in married life is like a dream. If they can embody it, they won’t wait.  

To sum up, Ukrainian women are worthy life partners, so don’t miss your lucky chance to get acquainted with them at our site!    

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