Why do men leave
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Why do Men Leave?

Women do not distinguish between two completely different notions “a man leaves” and “a man distances himself.”

Isn’t it the same?

If he leaves, he doesn’t leave one woman for another. A man leaves one state beside one woman for another state beside another woman. Yes, you got it right. He left not you but the way he felt beside you.

Once we visit women’s forums and ask the question “Why do men leave?” typical answers blame men only: “They need everything new…Any woman annoys man…She is more beautiful, younger…Men are heartless” etc.

 What nonsense! Only one thing matters. STATE. This state is convenient for both in a couple.

A man feels: strong, courageous, confident, sincerely wants to care about a woman, wants to act, develop, grow, earn more, make her woman happy (you are so weak without him)

A woman feels: needed, defended, happy, joyful.

Then, why do 98% of couples go through the same scenario? At first, everything is great, effortless, then it gets harder and not that simple. Such are the rules of falling in love. A man and woman fall in love.

Falling in love is a state of being drunk when everything flows effortlessly. But this period lasts approximately a year and a half. The point is that a woman has got used to doing everything light-heartedly, without thinking what to do. That is why, even after emotions have faded away, she continues acting according to the same principle: well, everything has been fine before.

But the result is different. A man leaves.

However, here comes the good news.

The state can be influenced by

  • Appearance

Be as beautiful as you’ve been at the beginning of a relationship. Although, it is even better to become more beautiful. Your man should be able (want) to pay for it. Your man wants to enjoy your beauty always! It is your innate woman’s duty.

  • Approval

Learn to accept the man the way he is. Even mom’s favorite son has his strong and weak points. It is normal. Do not try to change him. It is you who agreed to engage in a relationship with him, right? The best way to change a man is to present a state to him.

  • Joyfulness

Men can eternally observe a happy woman. If you are not genuinely happy every time he comes home, do not wonder he is not hurrying home after work. Even if you are together for 10 years, be as happy as you were 10 years ago.

  • Gratitude

The more a woman demonstrates her gratitude even for petty things, the more a man sincerely wants to make her happier. This functions the opposite way, too. Once she starts taking the presented flowers or fixed shelves for granted, the man’s desire to continue doing the alike things for her and her family starts fading away.

  • Admiration

Admire his masculine power, his victories (even if they seem petty to you), and his masculine traits the way you did when your relationship flourished. Typically, women believe that men will become conceited, but the truth is, the more women admire men, the stronger they become. Thus, the family becomes wealthier and happier.

  • Usefulness

Men are born to be useful. If a man doesn’t feel he is needed, he will leave sooner or later. When does a man feel not needed? When a woman can do everything herself. When she is independent. Of course, modern women can achieve much without men. But it doesn’t make them happier.

So, show you really need him. Ask him to fix a shelf in the bathroom. Express your joy and gratitude. Ask for something more important. And start observing his wings grow. Otherwise, a man will leave a strong independent woman and find a little weak foolish (at first glance) girl.

  • Freedom

A woman should realize that a man needs freedom as well. If you get insulted, anxious, or worried when he wants to spend an evening with his friends or his weekend out of town in order to think, you need necessarily change your outlook. In other case, he may want to leave you, not to distance from you.

A man distances himself

Imagine the following situation. They were meeting for a month. Everything was super fine. Attraction, reciprocity. In a week a man presented to her an I-Phone (displayed his care, force, wanted to make her happy). A man of 35, a wealthy successful businessman, handsome. A girl, 22 years old, attractive, goes in for sport. Everything seems ok. But one day he disappears. She is shocked. What has happened? She writes him some messages in social networks, but he doesn’t respond.

Then, surfing the net, the girl finds the following explanations: “He has found another one, he’s got tired of you, these are typical men. Do not worry, you will find a suitable partner later.” So, she jumps to the conclusion that “he has disappointed me, it was an unworthy deed, I feel pain, it is the end.”

If a man has behaved the following way, it means:

  1. He feels morally weak (business problems, etc.), he needs to distance himself, spend some time alone
  2. He doesn’t respect her as a woman (because his state beside her has changed)

So, in both cases, the man has distanced himself (or left) to get another state.

You should learn to support, enhance his masculine state and calmly perceive the fact that sometimes he needs to distance himself to regain his power while fishing, meeting with friends, watching or playing football, etc.

Women make a grave mistake taking men’s distancing personally. They get insulted and disappointed. It means they have low self-esteem. A man comes back and a girl gladly admits that he has appeared. “I don’t need you anymore!” and bursts out with joy that she has put him on heels.

Girls, you need to understand that the same situation will repeat in your life until you turn on your consciousness, responsibility, and knowledge about the differences between male and female nature.

Here are the conclusions

  • A man leaves not a woman but a state he feels beside her.
  • You can and need to influence man’s state.
  • These are two different notions – he has left and he has distanced himself.
  • A man has a right to distance himself in order to get recharged with power and love to a woman – this is his nature.
  • You should never take man’s distancing personally.
  • Men do not leave true women

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