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    Why do Men Leave?

    Why do men leave

    Women do not distinguish between two completely different notions “a man leaves” and “a man distances himself.” Isn’t it the same? If he leaves, he doesn’t leave one woman for another. A man leaves one state beside one woman for another state beside another woman. Yes, you got it right. He left not you but the way he felt beside you. Once we visit women’s forums and ask the question “Why do men leave?” typical answers blame men only: “They need everything new…Any woman annoys man…She is more beautiful, younger…Men are heartless” etc.  What nonsense! Only one thing matters. STATE.…

  • Laws of Attraction
    We & Others

    Laws of Attraction

    We fall in love and want to be liked by others. It has always been a common practice with the opposite sexes. Thus, are there any universal rules of attraction? Daniel Stalder, a social psychologist, believes there…

  • Love or infatuation
    Man & Woman

    Love or Infatuation?

    Every person dreams of finding real love as we cannot experience true happiness without this component. Nothing can replace love; money, fame, and social statuses fade without sincere human feelings. That is why we are desperately trying…

  • Never let this woman go
    Man & Woman

    Never Let This Woman Go

    Only several times in your life will you manage to meet special women, one of whom is meant to become the only one – the woman of your dream. These meetings are always unexpected and quite seldom…

  • Choosing a Life Partner
    Man & Woman

    Choosing a Life Partner

    According to Dr. Clarissa Pincola Estes, a philosopher and psychoanalyst, there are 12 traits of a potential life-long partner. Check the following list to find out which of them you already possess and which you have to…

  • 7 Steps To Forgiveness
    Human psychology

    7 Steps To Forgiveness

    Can we forgive people who’ve deceived, betrayed, hurt us, or even made us experience grief? Would forgiveness help our tired self? We often forgive others’ deeds or words. However, sometimes, it’s very difficult to forgive a person…

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